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4 Simple Ways to Savor the Years

My second child just turned nine. That is a monumental age. To me, it’s a bigger deal than 10.

Why you might ask?

Well, because it’s halfway to 18—which signifies that I’m basically halfway done raising my daughter before she’s able to be on her own! (A double-digit birthday ain’t got nothing on that milestone!)

Not surprisingly nine came quick, and I get the impression the next nine will go even faster.  If you have older kids, I imagine you’d confirm that notion, and if you have littles, you probably don’t believe it.

Regardless, we all know our children are a blessing and our time with them is limited and valuable (Psalm 127:3). So, needless to say, we ought to make the most of each passing year!

Here are 4 simple ways to not let the years slip by…


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