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A Break from Blogging (a short one)

Well this will be my first and last post for the month of August. I love ya all but I’m going to take a brain break this month. (Maybe. Or maybe I’ll start writing for September if I can’t stay away.) 

Anyway, not that you’ll notice one less email when you get 978 emails each week, but if you happened to notice my absence, you won’t think it’s a subscription problem. I still got ya, and I hope I get to keep ya! 

In the meantime, if you’d like to send me some ideas to write about, I’d love to hear your thoughts! No promises, but it would be great to write about things you actually want to hear about! If you have ideas to send my way, just click on this link to head over to the “Contact me” page. 

And if you are the rare person who has excess reading time on her hands, I’ll be sharing some older posts on my Truth4Women Facebook page. So you can head over there and follow that page if you’re not already (here’s that link). 

Thanks for reading my stuff. Thanks for sharing it too. It’s been an interesting year, and I’ve enjoyed writing through it. Looking forward to picking it up afresh in September!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer, 


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