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It’s a Good Thing if the World Thinks You’re Crazy

Our world is getting weird. Sad and weird. The other day I ran across facebook pictures featuring a huge Satanist gathering. How crazy is that?! People publicly celebrating Satan! Our world is becoming so twisted and warped that people are happy to side with and praise the one being in the universe most opposed to God. 

And then, of course, we are living in a day when boys are called girls, and girls are called boys. Really, stop and think about how weird that sounds. On top of that, there’s celebration upon celebration recognizing sexual perversion and misrepresentation of all types. Furthermore, Christians are hated for not joining the celebration, and ironically accused of being the haters.

To add to the cultural chaos, I am increasingly hearing of trends like people identifying as furry animals (look up “furries”… it’s no small movement). And the list goes on. Our world is looking less and less like the world God intended it to be. Instead we are a society run by every whim of fleshly human desires.

Unfortunately, things probably aren’t going to get better in the near future. In fact, eventually we know it will get worse. That’s the way the Bible describes it: In the last days, evil people and imposters will go from bad to worse (2 Timothy 3:13). 

So what does that mean for us Christians? One thing’s for sure: we need to embrace looking crazy to the outside world. 

You Are Now Crazy

Merely 30 years ago (In America) if a preacher told you to stand out for Christ you might have to think hard about how to do that. You wouldn’t necessarily stand out for basic Christian obedience. In all likelihood, plenty of people maintained (or attempted to maintain) decent moral values, many of which aligned with biblical morality.

Granted you might have seemed a tiny bit crazy 30 years ago if you were always talking about the Bible, and truly trying to obey God in every arena of life. But compared to the culture, you were only a little crazy for being 100% all-in to Christianity. 

Fast forward to today. It’s getting to the point where you are seen as 100% crazy if you are even a little into Christianity. If you even slightly align with biblical morality you are not welcome in many places. And yet, Christians are called to far more than slightly doing what God wants. Christians are people who are absolutely 100% into following Jesus. So call us loonies if you want, but living for God and doing things his way is a non-negotiable.

Expect to Become Crazier

So what are we to do in this odd (and sad) predicament we find ourselves in? Basically: keep moving forward at the speed we always have. Keep obeying God, keep growing, keep learning, keep running after holiness. And as we do, we should expect to look crazier and crazier and crazier each passing year. 

In other words, if you don’t feel increasingly crazy, something might be wrong. Because the darkness is getting darker, and yet your light should be shining brighter. Put another way: You should look more like Jesus every single day even though the world seems to be hating him more and more each passing day. 

All that to say, embrace looking crazy. 

We can no longer look slightly different; it’s time to live massively different. Our values, our moral compass, our practices, our passions, our days, should be faithfully guided by God’s standard of truth revealed in his word without compromise. I repeat, we should not compromise to meet somewhere in the middle. Yes, we might be hated. Yes, things might get harder. And yes, we will seem a bit loony. But that’s to be expected. 

Just remember, one day every knee will bow, and everyone will know that following God and living his way is not so crazy of a concept. But we are not there yet. Until we get to that glorious day, let’s embrace it… let’s get increasingly crazy.

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