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Cold Case Christianity for Kids

“Cold Case Christianity for Kids will help readers understand ‘how to think, not just what to think’ as they examine the evidence for Jesus.” 

Title: Cold Case Christianity for Kids

Author: J. Warner and Susie Wallace

Who should read this? Kids about 8-12 

Brief summary: This book is the first in a series of 3 apologetic books for kids (ages 8-12). All 3 are great books! The first one, “Cold Case Christianity,” looks primarily at the person of Jesus and the legitimacy of the gospels. Alongside examining the evidence, the author teaches kids how to ask good questions and find good answers. The second book is about the origin of life, and the third book looks at big questions related to Christianity. 

What I like about it: These books are written in a very appealing way for the intended audience. The apologetic arguments are couched in an ongoing narrative about academy students solving various mysteries, which easily keeps the readers’ attention. Each book also includes helpful (and simple) illustrations and diagrams. 

If you wanted to take your kids’ reading to the next level, there’s a website with worksheets and videos that accompany each chapter.

All in all, our kids need to be equipped more than ever, knowing with confidence why they can trust the God of the Bible… and these books are a great resource to that end!

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