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Getting Ready for Those Teen Years

As a mom of quite a few girls (5 to be exact), I used to always hear, “Just wait until they are teens!” Which I think meant, your girls may be sweet now, but teenage girls aren’t always so sweet. And in one sense it’s true, teenage girls aren’t always peachy (nor are teens in general, for that matter).

No doubt, the teenage years come with their challenges.

But no mom should wait until the teen years to think about the teen years.  As we raise and train our children we must be fully aware that what we do now will affect the future. For example, if left unchecked, their child-like flaws may become exacerbated teen flaws. Their childhood weaknesses may become their teenage nemesis.  Obviously, what we let slide today, could become larger problems later.

But our pre-teens are not the only ones that may have issues to work out before the teen years hit. Sometimes it’s us parents that need to get more ready.

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