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So the Next Generation Will Know

“Time is short, the challenges are pressing, and the need is great. Now, more than ever, we must embrace strategies that will help young people set their hope in God, remember the works of God, and keep the commands of God – so that the next generation will know.”

– So the Next Generation Will Know, Pg. 9 


Title: So the Next Generation Will Know

Author: Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace

Who should read this? Those investing in the youth of today

Brief summary: Reaching “Generation Z” is the focus on this book. Via personal experience and extensive research, the authors provide several examples and ideas for strategically coming alongside the youth. All in all, the aim is to build meaningful relationships in order to pass on a comprehensive biblical worldview. Anyone investing in today’s teens will benefit from this thoughtful look at the unique challenges that accompany the task.

What I like about it: One of the things I appreciated most about this book was it’s optimistic flavor. While today’s spiritual climate feels less than promising, these pages are filled with the hope that young people can be reached.

I also appreciated how culturally relevant the information was. For example, we often hear general statistics about college students leaving the church at an unprecedented rate; yet their studies show the majority of students are leaving the church or “checking out” much younger. In other words, we should come alongside those in their early teen years (or pre-teen years) with a renewed sense of urgency. [And there were many more observations and descriptions of this group known as “GenZ,” all of which were helpful in considering how to better connect with young people, and hopefully reach them with the gospel.]

I do hope many read this book and are encouraged to keep investing in the souls of this next generation!

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