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My Husband…

In 2002, I went on a blind date. I must admit, I quickly (pridefully) thought this catch of a guy, Lucas Pace, would become my husband.

In 2004, I was proven right.

And I do believe I married “up,” as they say. God was very kind to allow me to marry such a godly and loving husband.

Luke has been a Pastor at Compass Bible Church since 2005. For the first 6 years, he was the Jr High Pastor. Since then he has been an Associate Pastor overseeing and leading a variety of ministries.

It ought to be mentioned that Luke should earn some kind of award for being the only male in a house of 5 females for over a decade (It takes an extraordinary man to be able to handle so many women…and he is extraordinary). However, God saw fit to recently give us a son–who will hopefully follow closely in his daddy’s footsteps!

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