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My Kids…

I always thought I would be a mom of boys. Boy, was I wrong! In God’s sense of humor, I am the mother of 4 daughters. But he knew what he was doing – my girls suite me well.

These 4 sweet girlies of mine were born in a 5 1/2 year span. So domestic life has been fun, exhausting, and quite busy for the past several years.  But we are now out of cribs, almost done with naps, and basically done with diapers…so we are finishing off one exhausting stage, and heading to the next!

My oldest is now 10 years old, and only recently did I realize this season of life is flying by. The days still feel long at times, but the years are feeling short!

I am thankful for these gifts from God — they bring me much joy (and much humility)!

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