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My Ministry…

Every ministry season is an adventure. There is always something new to plan, prepare, work on, and expend our lives for.

My adventure began when my husband started his ministry (back in 2005) as the Jr High Pastor. This allowed me to serve along side him in a variety of ways.  I am thankful for those first discipleship opportunities, and those initial teaching opportunities. The Jr High audience was very forgiving, and I had the privilege of growing my ability to preach God’s word to women during those years.

Since my husband moved to an Associate Pastor role in 2012, my role in church ministry is constantly evolving. Each year new needs arise, and I find myself stretched and expended in different ways.

Most consistently, however, I find myself behind a computer studying a text from God’s word, studying my audience (whether it be Jr High or High School girls, women of Compass Bible Church, or young moms from our community), and working to prepare a teaching that clearly communicates truth we need to hear (and apply). This avenue to serve is an honor, it’s exhausting, challenging, interesting, and there are few other things I’d want to do with my time (and ironically, there are moments when I’d rather do almost anything else with my time!).

And then there’s this blog. I don’t connect it to official “church ministry,” but I sure hope it benefits the church. I hope it reaches beyond that, to women from wherever who could use encouragement to keep following Christ with all they’ve got.

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