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What Got Me Writing…

For as long as I can remember I processed life through writing. There is something about thinking clearly enough (and slowly enough) to articulate a thought that soothes my soul.

When I dust off my old journals, I find an array of simple childhood poems, written out resolves, and carefully articulated arguments for why my parents should concede to my wishes. My time spent writing eventually graduated into more interpersonal thoughts about life, and trials, and struggles.

But when God saved me in 2007, my writing dramatically changed. The cause, of course, was a dramatically changed heart.

Journaling and all that was good, but for me, it was all about me. Pre-conversion life was centered around my passing pleasures, wants, dreams and thoughts. This was evident in the words that flowed out of my heart and on to paper.

Once my insides were altered to desire God’s glory above my own, writing became another avenue to accomplish that goal. Journaled prayers became the norm. I began to use writing to align my heart with God’s truth. Eventually, I couldn’t help but also write with an audience in mind.

The Start of Truth4Women

Throughout my years in ministry, writing always seemed like a helpful tool to explain truth. As I worked with youth, and eventually women, I often wrote out what I’d want to communicate. However, I had no platform to share these thoughts. Until the world of blogs became so easily accessible (Actually, I was a little late to the scene…it often takes me a while to catch up to the trends).

So here I am. My desire is to encourage women to follow Jesus better today than they did yesterday. Most of my writing comes from lessons I’ve learned, I am learning, or I’ve watched others learn.

So that is my heart, and that is why I write. I am far from having it all figured out, and I am FAR from perfectly living it out. But I like to process life through writing, and there is no better thing to process than God’s truth and the effect it should have on our lives.

So welcome to a place where we can process these truths together.


[ If you would like to hear the story of what officially set this blog in motion, you can read it here]

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