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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Summer

Depending on your stage of life, Summer may or may not bring a massive change in schedule. But for most of us, Summer at least feels different. It almost reminds me of the fresh start we get at “New Years” … These hotter months come with various tasks we desire to accomplish and new things we hope to try. Some of us even make resolutions we call “Summer goals.”

We might as well capitalize on this momentum, right?!

So, how can we get the most from Summer?  What can we do to ensure we enter Fall saying, “that was a Summer well spent!”? You may have a list of your own, but here are five ideas to maximize Summer.

#1 Reflect on God’s goodness.

If you are like me, Summer doesn’t necessarily feel slower, it’s just different. But with that, come new things to do and experience. Many of which are plenty enjoyable, and for that, we should be grateful.

May we never enjoy the Summer sun without remembering the good God who made it! May we never bask in the smells of BBQ, or sit around with family or friends on a Summer night, and not give thanks to God. Make sure, if you get a little rest, or get to slow down long enough to enjoy an iced lemonade, you are grateful to the Giver of all that is good (James 1:17)! Take time to notice God’s goodness to you.

#2  Love people well. 

If your schedule opens up a little in the Summer, don’t merely see it as a time to put your feet up (though there’s a place for that). See Summer as an opportunity to love people in a way you generally can’t during the school year.

During the “school months,” your Tuesday morning might be booked with a Bible Study, or with being “carpool mama” – but now it’s open! Who could you go out of your way to love next Tuesday morning? Who is going through something big, or could use support, encouragement, or help?

Romans 12:10 says we ought to “Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.”  Summer is a perfect opportunity to go out of our way to purposefully OUTDO each other with intentionally loving acts!

#3 Do things you normally can’t get to. 

The three months of Summer will likely fly by! Before Summer flexibility passes by, we should think through what we can do now that will allow us to do more good later.

For example: if you had a more organized home, or a better meal planning system, or a healthier body that had more stamina, could you:

  • serve others better in the fall?
  • say “yes”  when needs arise in your Bible study group?
  • have more time to invest in neighbors or family members?

In other words, could you do more good in the crazy months of the school year, if you worked harder this Summer to get things more “under control”?

#4 Stretch your mind. 

Perhaps Summer affords some more moments for you to read. Perhaps it doesn’t. But with a potential change in pace, you can probably institute a goal or two to help you grow or learn something new.

Is there a good book (or audio book) that will help you grow in godliness? Maybe while you are doing some home organization you can listen to a biblical podcast or the audio form of a missionary biography?

Summer is a great time to make some goals that exercise your brain!

#5 Develop good habits. 

If you look ahead to Fall, and you really hope certain routines will be implemented, now is the time to turn those hopes into habits!

Maybe you hope to spend more focused time in prayer. Perhaps you want to develop the discipline of lingering longer in God’s word. Maybe your kids need to have a few routines further mastered (so going to school, or going to bed is not. so. hard.) Now is the time!

Since you’re probably only being pulled in 37 directions (instead of 98), you can focus on a couple areas with more concentration. Then hopefully, when Fall busyness kicks back in, these habits will run like clockwork.

A Summer Well Spent!

With a little planning and thoughtfulness, all of these ideas could be instituted to some degree! And if they were, I am quite sure we would look back and say “that was a Summer spent extremely well!”

Not only that, we would go into Fall more prepared to tackle the next season with more efficiency, godliness, and effectiveness! If you don’t already have “Summer goals,” maybe today is the day!

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