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A Worthy Goal: Being the Best Wife You Can Be!

Whether we state them as resolutions or not, most of us think through a few ways we’d like to improve each coming year. Among those goals are usually health-related improvements, better spiritual disciplines, or ways we’d like to better our mind and character. All great things to work on! But perhaps there’s one more goal we can add to our list this year: The goal of being the best wife we can be. 

Of course, no wife will ever be a perfect wife. And some of us have way harder marriages than others. Nevertheless, deep down we all know there are ways God would like to refine us and make us more holy — and we don’t always jump to make those changes when it comes to our marriages. And there’s so many reasons for that. But the reality is: being a godly wife is a key role that God has given us, and he is pleased when we take it seriously and give it all we got. So why not make this the year when we make some massive forward progress?!

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