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The Biggest Story

“…As you can tell, this story is a big story. In fact, it’s the biggest story. 

It’s a familiar story to some of us. It’s a true story for all of us. But we haven’t seen the end of the story – not yet.”

– Kevin DeYoung



Title: The Biggest Story

Author: Kevin DeYoung

Illustrator: Don Clark

Who Should Read This: Any parent. Any parent to their kids. Just about anyone.

What I Like About it: Though this is a kid’s book, it is thoroughly enjoyable to read as an adult. The first time I sat down to check it out, I read all 10 chapter in 1 sitting. Then I read it to my kids not expecting them to keep the same interest. I was wrong, every time we hit a new chapter they yelled “keep going!” And we have read it several times since.

It is an easy read and full of witty humor (It had me chuckling at least… – I’m not sure if that was the intent). But most importantly, it takes us from Genesis to Revelation highlighting the biggest story ever – starting with our need for a Savior and ending with God’s gracious gift of salvation.

Not to mention, it has very interesting and colorful illustrations.  Get one today! (I have no connection at all whatsoever with the author, I just really like the book!)

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