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Coronavirus Ain’t Got Nothing on Easter

Palm Sunday is behind us, and we’re now approaching Easter weekend. Without a doubt, Easter 2020 will stand out for years to come. Many churches around the nation (and world) won’t even be able to meet together because of COVID-19. And even for those that can, life is just different right now. We’re all bombarded by thoughts of sickness and death, and permeating the air is a certain uncertainty. 

But that is what makes Easter stand out all the more!

It was the resurrection of Jesus that once and for all dealt with disease and death and uncertainty! When Jesus died for our sins and rose again, he proved he defeated not only sin, but death. And in so doing he secured eternal life for all who will repent of their sin and trust in him (1 Peter 1:3-5, Mark 1:15).

Therefore, regardless of what disease or virus or sickness or trial hit us — we know what is to come. And it is a very good outcome.  We will forever be with the Savior of our souls, enjoying a perfect place where there will be no more tears, nor death, nor mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore (Revelation 21:4). We will be with God, in perfect virus-free bodies, living on the New Earth, impervious to problems of every kind (Revelation 22:1-5). That is something to celebrate this Easter!

Even if we have to celebrate solo, or with friends digitally, or with a smaller crowd than normal, what Jesus accomplished on Easter morn’ is worth celebrating with every fiber of our being.

EASTER IS NOT CANCELLED!! Because of COVID-19, churches around the world won't be able to meet for Easter, but the Resurrection defeated death, disease, and uncertainty. So even though Easter may look different this year, what Jesus accomplished is worth celebrating!

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