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Why Easter is Better than Every Other Holiday

We can disagree on the best sports team (not that I have a favorite sports team). Or we can disagree on the best restaurant. And we can even disagree on the best Bible reading plan. But can we really disagree that Easter is the best holiday?

Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day… all these holidays include a meaningful element — but they don’t compare to Easter. The only contending holiday is Christmas. But I still say with confidence, Easter is the best!

Why you ask? Here are my 3 reasons…

#1 Easter celebrates the most revolutionary day in history. 

Easter commemorates the greatest event in all of history: When God, because of his great love, died and rose again to reconcile unworthy sinners to himself.

As much as I love Christmas, even the birth and incarnation of Jesus isn’t enough to reconcile us to God. We needed Jesus’ death to pay the penalty for our sin. And we needed his resurrection to prove God’s power over sin and death. The message of Easter includes the message of Christmas, and it completes it.

What happened at Easter changed history, and it alters eternity for every person who has ever lived, or ever will live. What holiday beats that?!

#2 Easter celebrates the greatest thing that ever happened to you

I cringe a little when people say a specific lifestyle decision was “the best decision they ever made.” Or when they say a health choice was “the best thing that ever happened to them.” I know what they mean, so I have no legitimate complaint about such phrases. But I cringe because nothing is better than being saved from your sin and brought into a right relationship with God. Nothing! And that is what we are celebrating at Easter

Easter reminds us our sin separated us from God. Easter teaches us we can’t save ourselves (otherwise the Son of God wouldn’t have died like a criminal). And Easter declares to the world that God has power to give new life.

Even celebrating our own birth (AKA our birthday) should not come close to as exciting as the spiritual birth we remember at Easter. Physical birth, though an amazing gift, brought us into a life laden with sin, while spiritual birth precedes a life of righteousness, real life. So even a birthday celebration shouldn’t compare (in excitement) to an Easter celebration.

#3 The distractions are minimal (and less appealing). 

One reason Easter may not seem spectacular is the lack of cultural hoopla surrounding it. But that makes the holiday even greater! Yes, there are bunnies, and eggs, and baskets — but it’s not that hard to keep those elements in the background. Not to mention those little traditions are only fascinating for a few years in a child’s life (Christmas gifts, Halloween candy, Valentine’s cards, and even fireworks, are likely more distracting).

So to have a holiday where we actually can pay attention to what we are celebrating….and on top of that, we are celebrating the most revolutionary event in history…again, the best holiday there is. 

Keep Easter’s Awesomeness! 

With all that said, let’s really celebrate Easter this year! Not by adding unimportant details, in fact, it’s better if you keep the distractions minimal. Instead, focus on rejoicing in what Jesus accomplished in his death and resurrection. Remember how he saved you!

That is how you celebrate the best holiday in the best possible way.

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