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Get the School Year Started Right!

The school year is just around the corner for us moms! Well I suppose it’s not us that’s actually going to school, but let’s be honest, it affects us just as much as it does our children. Our schedules basically revolve around the school schedule! 

So with that said, here are a few ways to start the school year right…

#1 Cover the School Year in Prayer

There’s so much that goes on in one school year with both our kids and us… With relationships we make and they make. With ways they grow and we grow.  With things they learn and we learn. There’s a lot that is bound to go on, and let’s cover it all in prayer.

Specifically, let’s pray our children grow not just academically, but grow spiritually. Pray they make good choices and good friendships. Ask God to help you be a light to any non-Christians you interact with. Get the school year started right by putting it all in the Lord’s good hands!

#2 Schedule in Some Soul-Care 

With early mornings, long taxi-driving days, and endless domestic tasks, it can be tempting to let all your spiritual disciplines fall to the wayside. But what kind of mom would you be (not to mention, wife and friend and daughter and whatever other roles you have) if you are not leaning into the ultimate source of strength each and every day? Most likely you will not be the kind of mom you want to be, or the kind God wants you to be. 

So as you set up your schedule, find a time when you can daily glean from God’s Word and spend time talking to him. Maybe you need to get up extra early on school mornings, maybe you need to stay up a bit late, or maybe you need to commit to use those quiet moments right after school drop-off. Whatever time it is, whatever plan you need to make, make it happen!

#3 Develop a Good Routine to Disciple Your Kids 

Whether you send your kids to public school, private school, or whether you homeschool, it’s crucial you make time to spiritually instruct your kids. Hopefully this is happening naturally and casually throughout your days (Deuteronomy 6:7), but it’s also key to have an official time you teach them about God’s word and godly living (Ephesians 6:4). So think through a routine you can stick with. 

I know many families do this at meal time — some at breakfast before sending kids to school, some during snack time, especially if you homeschool, and others choose dinner time, or right after dinner. Or perhaps before bed is strategic (what kid doesn’t want to feel like they are getting to stay up a little later?!). 

All that to say, build time into your days when you talk about eternal things. Having this time with your kids is something you will never regret! 

#4 Schedule in the Most Important Stuff First 

Finally, when it comes to your new school schedule, think carefully about what you say yes to. Before you volunteer to help everyone and their mom, make sure first things are first. This implies what’s already been mentioned (spiritual disciplines and discipling your children), but it also implies being involved at your local church, investing in your marriage, maintaining godly friendships, taking care of your home, etc. 

Basically what is it that you know God wants on your to-do list …start there, and then see what room is left to say yes to other opportunities. 

If you did just those 4 things, I imagine your school year would be off to a massively good start! Your priorities would be in place, you’d be spiritually strong, your kids would be growing in the most important ways, and you’d know you are using each day exactly how God wants you to! 

Let’s start the school year off right!

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