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If You Want a Powerful Job, Try Motherhood

My husband went on a trip earlier this year. It was a short trip, and my time holding down the fort (with a newborn in tow) went pretty smooth. But his absence got me thinking about his schedule vs. mine. Specifically, a typical husband’s schedule vs. the schedule of a mom at home with little children.

While most stay-at-home mothers have moments when they wouldn’t mind a schedule that took them out of the home more, this is not what I was thinking when my husband left home this time around. Rather I was thinking how very weird and foreign it would be to live his life. To leave my two week old baby for a few days just wouldn’t make any sense. I could do it if I needed to, no doubt. And of course, it’s not as though my husband desired to go out of town. Nevertheless, this trip highlighted how very different our day-to-day lives are.

The truth is, there’s just a different expectation, and even role, that mothers of young children have. And reflecting on this reality reminded me that the role of motherhood is one we should be grateful for.

Obviously, whatever role God gives us is good and we should be grateful for it. But it’s also good for mothers to be reminded what a privilege it is to be a mom. Too often, moms feel like their work doesn’t matter much. The tasks are tedious, days can feel mundane, and there’s little to show for our countless hours of effort. But truly, what a privilege momming is. 

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