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No Matter Who Wins, Your Job Is The Same

As I write, it’s the day after election and the world is still waiting. There are guesses as to what will come of the 2020 elections, but no one really knows. 

Alongside that weighty anticipation, I woke up to reading about the death of a young man, the son of a well-known Christian author. I know that family in no way, and yet the news sits heavy. Perhaps I’m more sensitive after going through a mini health scare with one of my daughters yesterday. My daughter is totally fine, but it was a day in which you’re reminded that life is fragile and we should be more thankful for the people we love. 

And when I put those 3 events together (a weighty election, news of an unexpected death, and a perspective-building day), I am reminded that there’s only one solid rock on which we stand. And that, of course, is Christ. I’m also reminded that the main headlines that have us all a bit on edge only matter so much. As Christians, our job doesn’t fluctuate no matter who’s in office — and no matter how much the government impacts our lives.  We are Christians, called to live in such a time as this (whatever that means), called to love and impact the people around us, and that will not change. 

Whether we live in communist China, among cannibalistic tribes, or the United States of America, our job remains the same. We are to be faithful Christians. We are to live for Christ, to stand up for Christ, and be ready to suffer for Christ. So, even if what many Christians fear comes true — that religious freedom is on the verge of extinction, we will be okay. This is what we were made for. We were made to live for the glory of God no matter the cost, with an eternity of rest and goodness on the other side.

Thus, we can move forward tomorrow, come what may, and be the best husbands and wives and moms and dads we know how to be. We can point people to Christ. We can build up his church. We can stay busy doing kingdom work. We can stand up for truth. Yes, it will probably get harder in the coming years, if not now, eventually. Persecution is surely on the dock (2 Timothy 3:12). But again, nothing has really changed — it’s always been our job to live for Christ 100%, regardless of the changing environments in which we live. 

So be at ease, knowing that even if living for Christ starts looking a little different at some point in the future, nothing has really changed. Just keep being faithful, keep trucking along, one day at a time. On Christ the solid rock we stand, and thus we can get up each morning… and stand again. 

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