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Start Cultivating Today Who You Want to Be in 6 Months

Have you ever put something off, only to think a few months down the road, “I wish I would have started this months ago?”

On a superficial level we can think this about about so many things: exercise, diet, beauty products, new habits, new routines. Basically anything we think might bring about some improvement — If only our past self would have just got going, we’d be a lot better off than we are now!

But we usually don’t start it (whatever “it” is) because we wrongly think, “I’ll get to it one day,” and that day never comes. Or some things we begin, but we give up because we don’t see fast enough progress. And yet, there we are months later wishing we just got started and stuck with it.

When it comes to the superficial matters of life, oh well, right? But what about the more important spiritual matters?

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