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Why “Truth 4 Moms”?

This is where the idea of my blog was born. It all started one late afternoon as I was standing at the stove cooking dinner, as worn out as can be. While leaning on the counter, ready to fall over, I thought to myself, “Man I could use a quick biblical-mom-perspective-pick-me-up.” And with my phone in reach, I searched something like “godly mom blog.” I don’t remember what I found, but it apparently wasn’t satisfactory because within the hour I was typing away teaching myself some biblical-mom-perspective!

So I guess you could say I started writing selfishly — I needed to process my tough days with biblical truth. But as time went on, I couldn’t help but wonder how many more moms out there could use some encouragement to keep going. Eventually, I was convinced it was worth giving this mom blog thing a shot.

So here I am, just one mom trying to figure it all out, hoping to help other moms who are trying to figure it all out.



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