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Don’t Wish Away Your Trials!

The following is a portion of an article that’s being published today on The Better Mom blog.

One of my children recently auditioned for a musical. Though the chances were slim she’d get the part she wanted, she was super excited about the possibility. So in typical mom fashion, I encouraged her boldness while reminding her to keep a good attitude no matter the outcome.

Long story short, she didn’t get the part, and she was bummed!

I was sad for her too. But if truth be told, I wasn’t sure I wanted her to get the role. Not because I don’t love her or don’t want her to be happy, or because it would take extra rehearsal time (though it would!). I just couldn’t help but think sometimes it’s more valuable to not get something you want…

If you’d like to read the full article, you can read it here
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