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You Aren’t As Hot As You Could Be

If you’re not as physically attractive as you could be, that’s probably a good thing. In fact, I hope to convince you it’s a very good thing.

Not that it’s bad to be attractive. It’s not. Beauty is from God himself. And he gave each of us varying degrees and varying types of beauty. Furthermore, he designed us with an appreciation for that which is aesthetically pleasing.

Let me be clear—beauty is good.

Beauty’s Elusive Trap 

The problem is, for as beautiful as any one person is, there are always superfluous ways to accentuate or increase physical attractiveness (according to whatever culture we live in). Dare I say, there are endless ways to maximize our outward beauty:

We could exercise more, we could spend more time shopping for trendy clothes, we could spend more money on flattering clothes, we could pursue any number of procedures to fix flaws, we could buy better products to make any part of our body appear younger, more fit, more healthy, or more of whatever look we are going for. We could put time and money into better teeth, better hair, better abs, better arms, better skin, better nails…and the list goes on and on. Even on the most basic level, we could take longer to get ready each day.

Needless to say, as Christian women, we should fall far short of utilizing all these methods to the max.

And so, in that sense, we are likely not as physically attractive as we could be; simply because our focus, our time, our money, our life, has a bigger purpose than chasing elusive dreams of outward beauty (1 Peter 3:3-4). We have eternity to live for, and the benefits of temporary hotness just aren’t worth exhausting our resources (1 Timothy 4:8, Colossians 3:1-2, Psalm 90:12).

Cheer Up! 

All that to say, if you recognize you’re not as good looking as you could be, it’s okay — be encouraged that it’s probably even good!

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself, or that you should skip looking nice, or cease being attractive (especially for your husband/future husband), but it does mean: If you find yourself unable to keep up on the culture’s clothing trends, health routines, beauty products, and aging solutions, it might reveal that your focus is on more important and lasting things.

Which would be a great reason to not be as hot as you could be! The benefits of temporary hotness aren't worth a consuming effort when you have eternity to live for. Click To Tweet

To Be Continued…

But there’s more to say about this topic.

For, while we can learn to look in the mirror with contentment, it’s not as easy to see (or scroll past) fabulous looking women and remain content. But there are a few specific reasons you should expect to keep being beat in the beauty department— all of which will remind you that the consuming quest for outward beauty is not worth our focus.

So come back next week for Part 2: 5 Reasons You’re Not As Hot as You Could Be. 

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