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Feminine Appeal

“Isn’t it telling that our culture requires training and certification for so many vocations of lesser importance, but hands us marriage and motherhood without instruction? Fortunately, God hasn’t left us to fend for ourselves. He has provided invaluable wisdom for women in His Word.”

– Carolyn Mahaney


Title: Feminine Appeal

Author: Carolyn Mahaney

Who Should Read This: Wives and Moms of the 21st century

What I Like About it: This book is a treasure during a day and age when a wife’s domestic roles are not highly esteemed.

Not only will you be challenged to carry out your God-given roles with excellence,  but you will find yourself motivated to see each responsibility as a privilege and joy!  The chapter titles are telling in this regard:

  1. Transformed by Titus 2
  2. The Delight of Loving My Husband
  3. The Blessings of Loving My Children
  4. The Safety of Self-Control
  5. The Pleasure of Purity
  6. The Honor of Working at Home
  7. The Rewards of Kindness
  8. The Beauty of Submission


As you read this book you will be won over to the goodness of living in light of God’s ways.  Who doesn’t want transformation, delight, blessing, safety, pleasure, honor, rewards, and beauty?!  

Read Feminine Appeal when you first become a wife, and again when you start having kids…and again when you need an extra nudge to see your role as a privilege and a joy!

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