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Fierce Women

“I don’t think most of us realize how much we affect our husbands, and I think we’re often unaware of when our God-given strengths transform into this destructive fierceness.” 

– Kimberly Wagner


Title: Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior

Author: Kimberly Wagner

Brief summary: This book is for strong women who want to utilize their strength for good, especially in their marriage. The author uses many personal examples, as well as examples from her years in ministry, to illustrate the potential destructiveness of our typical wifely sins. Likewise, the book is sprinkled with examples of the work God can and does do in women who are willing to do things his way. 

With great biblical insight and practical wisdom, Kimberly Wagner points us to the beauty we can all embody — as we choose to put off sin and get serious about using our influence for good and not harm. 

What I liked about it: By her own admission, Kimberly’s wisdom was gained through her trials during a difficult time in her marriage. Because of that, her words are not only fraught with great humility, but profound insight. Additionally, her attention-grabbing stories, make it a smooth and easy read.

One particular note: I think this book is helpful for any marriage, but I think it’s tremendously helpful for those who feel they’re in a difficult marriage, or are in a difficult season of marriage. Whether you think you are a “strong woman” or not, the reality is you have a massive influence on your husband, and this book will help you think through ways you may have unknowingly made things worse. Conversely, it will help you think through ways you can specifically make it better.

Finally, I appreciated Kimberly’s willingness to bring up some tricky examples and issues connected to homosexuality. This specific issue is creating new types of challenges for marriage that many of us have yet to think through.  So in that sense, it was a very up-to-date thought provoking read. I’m sure we will need more like it in the years to come.

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