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Sermon Series – More than Friends

“You are the #1 resource in God’s toolbox to meet the needs of your spouse”

Pastor Mike Fabarez 

Sermon Series: More than Friends

Speaker: Pastor Mike Fabarez

Where you can find it: (scroll down to “Product Description” to download for free)

What I like about it: I first heard these teachings at a marriage retreat in 2013 (I say first because I have listened to them several times since!). The series is broken down into 3 teachings, each one based off a different Greek word for love  – Phileo, Eros, and Agape.

But don’t let the usage of Greek fool you into thinking this is “heady” and technical material. Each teaching is highly practical and full of great insight related to the various facets of love. If you put anything to practice from this series your marriage will improve!

If your husband is willing to listen too, it would be all the better if you listen (and apply the concepts) together!

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