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5 Important Ways To Pray For Your Husband

Each of us lives out our biblical role as “helpmate” in different ways. After all, what is “helpful” to one husband may be entirely unhelpful to another!

However, there is one way we can all be incredibly helpful — though most of us don’t utilize it nearly enough.

You guessed it…prayer. 

There is nothing we can do for our husbands that compares to the benefit of praying for them. Click To Tweet

When you pray for your husband, you are asking the most powerful being—God, who has power over a man’s heart to “turn it wherever he wills” (Proverbs 21:1)—to do what he thinks is best in your man’s life. What is more helpful than that?

As helpmates, we need to be praying for our husbands!

There are many good prayer lists out there; you may have one of your own. If you like yours, stop reading, and revamp your commitment to utilize it! But if you want some more ideas, here you go…

1. Pray your husband will love God more. 

Regardless of your husband’s spiritual maturity (or lack thereof), ask God to draw him closer to himself. Pray that God will awaken a passion within him to know God better and to obey God more. May your prayers result in his increased desire to sacrificially follow Jesus. And as you pray, you will simultaneously prepare yourself to follow your husband’s lead even if his obedience ends up costing you in some way (i.e. he starts giving more generously, he stops watching certain shows with you, he starts serving at church more, etc.).

2. Ask God to utilize his strengths.

God gave your husband a unique personality with unique abilities and desires. Your husband was created to glorify God in specific ways (whether or not he is currently using his skills in that way). Pinpoint those strengths and pray he uses those abilities for God’s glory! Ask God to bring him opportunities to do what he wants him to do!

3.  Ask God to grow him where he’s weak. 

Just as your husband has particular strengths, he probably has his weaknesses. More than anyone else, you know his struggles, you know what discourages him, you know what sin he fights, you know what hinders him from serving God the best he can — pray for him! Ask God to strengthen him in those weaker areas. What if he could stand before God having lived a more holy and effective life because the one who knows him best regularly went before the throne on his behalf!?

4. Ask God to help him be a good husband. 

This sounds like a super selfish prayer, and maybe it is, but it’s also a really good prayer. First of all, because God wants him to be an excellent godly husband! Furthermore, marriage-related prayers keep you going to the right source to ask for help. Instead of choosing to complain, nag, get angry, become resentful or distant, you can ask GOD to work in your husband’s life. [Which also reminds you that it’s up to God to work on your husband, while your job is to be a godly wife no matter what.]

5. Ask God to prepare him for the future. 

Who knows what trials lay ahead. Who knows how God may want to use your husband to advance the Kingdom. Whether the future involves great usefulness or great difficulty, pray that God gets your husband ready. In other words, pray he finishes strong by remaining faithful and godly until the end!

Pray For Him Often! 

We don’t need to pray through this list daily, or any list for that matter…but we should regularly pray for our husbands!

Don’t underutilize this incredible help mate tool. Commit today to regularly talk to God on your husband’s behalf. Again, there is nothing better for your man!



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