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Resources on the Resurrection

With Easter approaching, it’s always good to revisit the claims of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s certainly good for strengthening our own faith, and it’s definitely helpful in explaining our faith to others. With that said, here’s a list of some basic resources to help get you started…

“The Minimal Facts of the Resurrection” 

The link above will take you to a great in-depth look at 4 key historical facts. These facts are largely agreed upon (even by skeptic scholars), and when looked at together, the bodily resurrection of Jesus seems to be the best explanation. 

“10 Concise Pieces of Evidence for the Resurrection”

This article includes 10 simple pieces of evidence that point to the truthfulness of the resurrection. There is some overlap between this list and the prior. But you will likely appreciate its simplicity and succinctness. 

“Am I a Fool to Believe in the Resurrection?”

This is an Easter sermon that looks at the evidence surrounding the Resurrection. Pastor Mike does a great job looking at the facts from a philosophical, historical, and theological angle.

Or if you prefer YouTube, here are a few good resources…

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