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Title: Equal and Different — Affirming God’s Good Design for Women

Speaker: Stephanie Schwartz

Link: Click Here

Summary: In this teaching Stephanie Schwartz covered a “Hot Topic” that is greatly impacting the church today– The role of  women in the church. She explained the 5 basic arguments for Egalitarianism, alongside a Complementarian response (which she is arguing for). The latter believes God designed men and women to have different roles in the church, while the former believes there are no gender-based roles.

Stephanie also discussed several reasons we must stand firm on this issue, while at the same time reminding us to interface kindly with those who disagree.

What made it great: This is certainly a hot topic and Christians should take the time to think biblically about this issue. We need to know what we believe and why, because we will be confronted by various views in one way or another in the coming years (if we haven’t already).

Most importantly, as Christians, we want to confidently align ourselves with God’s good design, and we can only do this if we take the time to study what God’s word has to say.  And Stephanie’s teaching will help you do just that. While there is only so much you can cover in an hour, Stephanie did a great job providing the basic framework for the biblical arguments, and made it abundantly clear what’s at stake.

Regardless of your background, you will appreciate Stephanie’s straightforward manner, her intelligent approach, and her gracious, kind demeanor.  I encourage you to listen, and pass it on!

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