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Sticky Situations

“The Sticky Situations devotional offers families a year’s worth of situations to discuss and explore, meeting young people where they live: in the classroom, on the playground, at church, and at home.” 

– Betty Schmitt

Title: Sticky Situations

Author: Betsy Schmitt

Who should read this? Moms to their children (probably best for ages 6-10).

Brief summary: Each page begins with a short scene introducing a moral dilemma relevant to kids. At the end of the “sticky situation,” the best decision is hidden among the multiple choice answers. If the most biblical answer is not obvious, each page directs you to a biblical passage (and an answer key in the back) that will help you decipher the best option.

What I like about it: Sticky Situations is a book we keep at our kitchen table and read on a regular basis. My older children (currently ages 7 & 8) can’t get enough of it (and the younger ones just tag along).

I love how this quick devotional type reading helps children develop a strong sense of right and wrong as it relates to a variety of contexts.  And I love that we get to discuss these problems when no one is getting in trouble! No one is defensive, and everyone is interested in discussing the right answer. It is an excellent pro-active method to training our children to make good decisions based on biblical principles.

I have found that discussing principles in this format makes the truths especially memorable and relevant to their lives. (Recently, a sticky situation caused my daughter to realize she made a bad choice earlier in the day, and because of the discussion she felt compelled to make it right. That alone makes this book worth it!)

If you are looking for a tool to discuss right choices in a simple and fun format, this is the book for you!

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