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The Vanishing American Adult

 “I believe our entire nation is in the midst of a collective coming-of-age crisis without parallel in our history. We are living in an America of perpetual adolescence. Our kids simply don’t know what an adult is anymore – or how to become one. Many don’t even see a reason to try. Perhaps more problematic, the older generations have forgotten that we need to plan to teach them. It’s our fault more than it is theirs.”

– Ben Sasse


Title: The Vanishing American Adult

Author: Ben Sasse

Who Should Read This: Anyone who might have an impact on the next generation.

What I Like About it: While this is not a “Christian book,” Senator Ben Sasse is, and he clearly writes from a biblical worldview. More importantly, he addresses many issues Christian parents should care about.

In summary, the book tracks the history of America in regards to the process of children learning to become adults.  This process, Sasse warns, is no longer the American reality. This book is centered on the premise that the “America” we currently know won’t survive without a shift in how we raise the next generation — But there is plenty to be gained for moms who simply want to raise children in a God-honoring way.  Because we, more than anyone, should want to raise our kids to become responsible, hard-working, productive adults, so they can lead lives that glorify God and impact the world for Christ!

It would be nice if a book like this were not needed.  But the reality is: it is. Our culture is pushing us from all directions to raise “consumers, not producers” and this is a massive problem. Not just for America, but for Christians. We need to raise the next generation to be strong and ready to do whatever it takes to be lights in a dark world.  Reading this book will give you tools in your pocket to do just that. I highly recommend it.

Side Tip: Because you are probably a busy mom like me, I recommend listening to this on the Audible app. It is narrated by the author himself and is easy to listen to amidst whatever mindless tasks you have on your “to-do list” for the day.


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