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Resurrection Eggs

What it is: Resurrection Eggs

What is great about it: This is a fun activity to do with your young kids around Easter time. There are many different types of “Resurrection Eggs” but I can only speak for the set that is pictured. The eggs come with a small booklet that helps you walk your kids through the resurrection story, one event at a time. Each event has a corresponding egg that includes a small figurine.

My kids really look forward to opening a new egg each day to see what’s inside. Any activity that gets them to want to learn about the good news of Jesus rising from the dead is a winner in my book!

Often times we utilize good books for teaching moments like these; but this activity stands out to the kids because it is more interactive and hands on. And a major plus:  it’s super easy from a mom perspective — you don’t have to gather any supplies, or stuff any eggs — everything is done for you!

In my opinion, this is a must have if you have elementary age children or younger!

Where you can get it: I bought mine at Compass Books. If you live in the Orange County area you should check it out (Click here for Compass Books’ website). Or you can find it at the link below.

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