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Helen’s Temper and Its Consequences

“How true it is that God sees not as we do. He looks at the heart, while we judge by the outward conduct, and therefore often form very wrong opinions of others.”

Title: Helen’s Temper and Its Consequences

Author: Mrs. George Gladstone

Who should read this? Moms to their school-aged kids, or perhaps older children/younger teens would enjoy (and benefit) from this book as well.

What I like about it: I recently read this book to my older girls (age 7 & 8) and it was a hit (that involved some teary eyes towards the end).

But far more important than it being well-liked, this book provided opportunities for conversations about sin and it’s consequences, pride and selfishness, humility and love, repentance and forgiveness, and much more.

This book is from “The Lamplighter Collection,” which is a “family collection of rare books from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.” In short, this is a story about two sisters and how the principles of the “Good Samaritan” play out in each of their lives.

Please note that some of the vocabulary, and some concepts, were hard for my girls to understand, but since they were so captivated by the story, they had no problem sticking in there (and at times, I just had to summarize what was happening).

You can find this book on Amazon, or at the Lamplighter website.

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