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Upside-Down Prayers for Parents

“It’s understandable and right to pray for our children’s protection, health, and well-being. But too often, we slip into spiritual timidity.”

– Lisa T. Bergren


Title: Upside-Down Prayers for Parents

Author: Lisa T. Bergren

Who should read this? A mom who is willing to be stretched to trust God more.

What I like about it: This book is a compilation of “31 Daring Devotions for Entrusting Your Child–and Yourself–to God.” And they are daring. Each devotion focuses on a prayer we would not likely pray naturally. For example:

  • I pray you’ll lose a job – and know that your Provider has not forgotten you.
  • I pray you’ll know what it is to be lonely – and find intimacy with the One who is always beside you.
  • I pray you’ll experience unanswered prayers – and develop deeper, wider trust.
  • I pray you’ll brush up against death – and catch a glimpse of eternity.
  • I pray you’ll be disappointed in people – and realize that we’re all fallible, sinful and redeemable.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think to add prayers like these to my prayer list! But the challenge is good for us moms. We need to be pushed to trust God enough to pray that he would do whatever it takes to grow our kids into who HE wants them to be.

Ultimately in eternity, all hardship will have been worth it if it drives us to God. That is what we want most for our kids – we want them to realize they need God! This short book will help you stay focused on that desire. And more importantly, it will remind you to pray to that end.

Pick up a copy, and read it regularly – if you dare. 


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