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Girl, It’s Not About You

“We have to ask ourselves, ‘What is the message of these Christians books?’ And ‘how does this message compare to the Scriptures?'”

– Stephanie Schwartz


Title: Girl It’s Not About You — When Self Help Puts Our Focus Back On Us

Speaker: Stephanie Schwartz


Summary: Every Spring, Stephanie Schwartz teaches on a “Hot Topic” for the women of Compass Bible Church. In essence, she researches something popular (or controversial), and helps us think through the issue biblically. This year she picked the books of a best-selling author, Rachel Hollis, entitled, “Girl, Wash Your Face,” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing.” Millions of women, many professing Christians, are reading these books — thus it’s a perfect topic to think through carefully. And by carefully I mean: we should be aware of how our reading material matches or contradicts biblical truth — and Stephanie Schwartz does a fantastic job helping us do just that.

What made it great: This teaching is not filled with opinions, passionate rants, or negative criticism; It is simply a look at the beliefs of Rachel Hollis (according to her best-selling books) in comparison to the Bible. Because no matter how helpful or winsome any author (or public figure) is, as Christians, the final arbiter of truth must be God’s Word.

So, if you would like to be equipped with biblical knowledge to help you discern the errors in these best-selling books, take a listen! 

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