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Crazy Busy

“Busyness does not mean you are a faithful or fruitful Christian. It only means you are busy, just like everyone else. And like everyone else, your joy, your heart and your soul are in danger.” 

– Kevin DeYoung 

Title: Crazy Busy

Author: Kevin DeYoung

Who should read this? Anyone who is too busy to read a book.

What I like about it: Crazy Busy provides a helpful reminder that we just can’t do it all. This book is not for the person whom DeYoung describes as needing to “be shaken out of their lethargy” to “get busy for the kingdom.” Instead, it’s for the Christian who feels the sense of urgency to do many good things but finds herself overcommitted and, well, crazy busy. 

My favorite chapter is entitled “A Cruel Kindergarchy” with the subtitle “You Need to Stop Freaking Out about Your Kids” (Challenging already, right?). With a semi-humorous tone, this chapter provides a needed nudge for us moms to stop getting overly worked up about that which is unnecessary and superfluous to parenthood.

Other key topics DeYoung tackles are the dangers of busyness, the pitfalls of technology, the necessity of priorities, the examination of our motives, intentional rest, non-negotiable habits, and perhaps most importantly – an appropriate biblical expectation of the burdens and busyness that should characterize a Christian.

If you feel busy, and sometimes overwhelmingly so, this is a book worth your time.

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