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True Beauty

“When God created us in his image, made us beautiful, and gave us a taste for beauty to enjoy this beautiful world, it was not so that we could squander our time trying to measure up and fit in or so we could style our hair and apply our makeup just so that others would say, ‘Oh, isn’t she pretty!’…God made us for his glory.”

– Carolyn Mahaney


Title: True Beauty

Author: Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre

Who Should Read This: Females from the teenage years on

What I Like About It: This book speaks to a wide audience and covers a variety of issues we face as women. What is especially noteworthy is the attention given to how we ought to think biblically about our external beauty. Most discussions on this topic skip right over our “outsides” in order to focus on our “insides”,  but the reality is the Bible has much to say about physical beauty, our body, our clothes, and our motives for why we present ourselves as we do. After reading this book, you will leave motivated to pursue genuine beauty that radiates from the inside out!


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